All through the slums, it's easy for the knowledgeable to find the underworld - or the ignorant to stumble into it. A place of shady bars, back alley trades where fixers make themselves a necessary evil giving people what they want. You can find arms dealers selling hot tech, back alley surgeons implanting illegal technology away from the prying eyes of the law.

The careless, arrogant or foolish will quickly find themselves taken for everything they have - either suckered into bad deals, or outright robbed. The savvy, who know what they want and have the cash to get it, can find anything.

It's here that Nightlancers are sought by people who want shady work done and have the Chips to pay for it.

Street gangs Edit

Brothers in arms, partners in crime, from the lowly hangers-on through the ranks of the soldiers up to the bosses, the street gangs of Birmingham 2099 are pervasive across all areas of the slums. It pays to be on good terms with them on their turf.

Organised crime Edit

The organised crime families operating in Birmingham are just a small part of huge international families. With the extensive wealth and power they can bring to bear, their influence is felt not only in the chaotic slums but even under the tight regulation of the inner city.

Shockpacks Edit

Shockpack is the general term for a phenomenon that started in the late 21st century - bands of people who are generally assumed to be state of Techshock owing to their behavior. Shockpacks are bands of people who are extremely dangerous and violent, ready to attack anyone who poses any obstacle.

Most Shockpacks are wiped out as quickly as they are formed - but a small number of them have survived for long enough time to make a name for themselves.

Location The City Transport
Technology Chips Cybernetics
Society Civilisation Underworld Techshock
Government Health Bureau Peace Bureau Safety Bureau
Street gangs Mongrels Rivets Shard Enders
Organised Crime Euromafia
Shockpacks Harmony Meathooks
Underworld Nightlancer
Death Cults (suspected) Truehuman Foundation The Exalted
Corporations Assimilatex Electratech NeuVita Pharmasynth
Megacorporations Aegis Industries
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