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A proud, diverse city which serves as a hotbed of compassion and culture. Birmingham is the shining beacon of multicultural diversity and second only to London in size and population.

The Loving Heart of Birmingham Edit

The inner heart of Birmingham is a beautiful clean and safe place which welcomes and makes safe all who wish to enter. With comprehensive social care programs ensuring all receive the medical treatment, education and personal support they require. All residents receive universal income in order that they can never have to worry about their daily needs, while there is a thriving work program so all residents can be assigned productive employment that will serve the interests of their society.

The Peace Bureau protects the residents from any disturbances and maintain an atmosphere of respect and peace. In order to protect the residents of the heart of the city, a security zone surrounds it on all sides which the Peace Bureau man at all hours for your safety and peace of mind.

The Thriving Body of Birmingham Edit

Birmingham extends far beyond the inner city. The areas outside of the security zone are a place of opportunity and give the advantage of allowing access to motorways out of the city and wide stretches of real estates for innovative new enterprise that will expand on the diversity of this great city.

Some residents choose to seek residence in the outer city, their reasons unique and special to each individual. Residents considering leaving the inner city should note that it will place a greater distance between them and valuable social care programs, and should discuss with their Community Support Agent their plans so they can receive any guidance they need.

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