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Citizens are encouraged to take part in voluntary groups that will help support them with socially-conscious values and provide a wider sense of community. There are many voluntary groups that are endorsed widely for you to seek out.

Truehuman Foundation Edit

The Truehuman foundation will help you connect to your humanity with a community of people. Members of the foundation strongly support transcending obstacles with a inner growth to a higher state of mind. This includes both surpassing physical limitations by focusing on inner growth instead of resorting to artificial additions to the body, as well as surpassing the worst parts of human nature to overcome greed and vicious selfishness.

The foundation also highly values protecting nature reserves, the environment and animal rights to equal their high regard for transcending human nature.

The Exalted Edit

The Exalted are a community and social support group, who support people to find a place where they can join their lives with others in common values. They help people reach out to their community and make a difference where they can, supporting many members to take part in social programs. They welcome all faiths and creeds, unifying all under love for their follow people.

In particular the Exalted support community building, aiding the homeless or unwell, and taking political action in support of oppressed minority groups.

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