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For your convenience there are many ways to make your way around Birmingham. For your health and well-being you are encouraged to walk or make use of bicycles whenever you can.

Public transport Edit

Bicycles are available around the inner city free of charge, you just log in to activate the bike and then leave it at a suitable bicycle rack and log out when you have finished your journey. For longer trips or those not so able to travel under their own power there are public buses which will take you around the inner city on a clean tranquil journey thanks to their electric engines.

Private transport Edit

Cars can be hired or bought when necessary. To use one, the responsibility of being a safe licensed driver with a full knowledge of the highway code is required for the safety of the community and to ensure that such extravagant transport is not used frivolously when it is not needed. Few people need to own their own vehicle so almost all usage is by short term rental, and those who do need a vehicle will often find their needs met by super compact Clever Cars to seat 2. For those who require transport but are not licensed, automatic cars can also be hired for safe speedy transport.

Charging stations for electric cars are widespread around the city. You also have the convenience of being able to swap out the battery pack of the vehicle for a freshly charged battery pack owing to the all cars using standard battery packs.

Leaving the city Edit

On the occasion that you need to leave the inner city of Birmingham, a safe and efficient rail network provides all the utility you need.

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