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The Peace Bureau are your helpful public servants who exist to help you live happy, peaceful lives. In the event of a disturbance of the peace, such as an accident or misunderstanding, please report this to your closest Peace Officers so they can help everyone respect their differences. In the event of hostile or aggressive acts, please keep your distance from the disturbance.

In the event of any concern over the mental well-being of one of your many friends, you can anonymously report this to the Peace Bureau. For example if they demonstrate stress, unhappiness, hostility, discontent, skepticism of trusted articles, rudeness, greed, disrespect of animals, disregard of the environment, unreliability, deceptiveness or anything else that causes you discomfort. The Peace Bureau is well equipped to help all your friends be happy and content with their life and work with them so they can understand how to relate to others more positively.

Community Peace Officers

You can see these fine officers on the streets of your neighbourhood, they are your friends and only wish to support you in any troubles or unrest in your life. They are always happy to help.

Applied Peace Officers

Under the most unruly situations, Applied Peace Officers will be called in to help resolve disputes and keep you safe. Please do not be alarmed by their presence, they will keep you safe from any danger and in the event of you personally being in difficult circumstances they help you to manage the trouble.

Community Support Agents

CSAs are highly trained people who will gladly talk to you whenever you have troubles in your life. In the event of you having any discomforting experiences they will help you achieve peace of mind, resolve any doubts you have about your safety and the reliability of the trusted sources for valuable information, and dispense supplements to support you in your time of difficulty.

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