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Like all good citizens you will be familiar with your Aux issued to you as a child. Your Aux connects you to your community and society, and provides extensive functionality right in the palm of your hand.

How your Aux helps you[]

Normal everyday functions of your Aux include voice or video calls, emails, credit management and web surfing.

Your Aux helps you to verify your identity when you are required to. On request you can easily show your current educational course or employment, your address and your unique citizen ID number which are all conveniently stored on your Aux.

Additional apps can be installed into your Aux too, allowing you to install entertainment such as games or streaming services from the well-curated Aux store.

Keep your Aux safe[]

Your Aux is a vital part of day to day life and it is important that you treat it with care, keeping it in good condition and charged. You should also keep your Aux close to you at all times so you can stay connected to your fellow citizens. In the event of a mishap that stops you from being able to keep your Aux charged or if it misplaced, a Community Peace Officer will be notified of the fault and come to your aid.

Your Aux is secured with your fingerprint and facial scan. If you ever have any difficulty with unlocking your Aux you can feel secure knowing the Peace Bureau will be able to unlock it for you.

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