Inner city Edit

In the clean tidy inner city, everything is run on electric. There are no roaring fume-belching machines, which are entirely illegal. But all electric vehicles are required to have a travel soundmaker so bystanders can hear vehicles coming and going, resulting in a range of hums and whirs and whistles being constantly produced on the roads.

Getting a license to drive is an ordeal and if your work doesn't require it you will be stuck with public transport or self-driving cars. Even those who can acquire a license will rarely be able to buy their own car unless they have enough pull with the authorities to get through the bureaucracy. The range of available vehicles is typically limited to 2-seater Clever Cars with some larger vehicles only for exceptional circumstances, and all cars have limiters for a maximum speed of 50kph.

Slums Edit

Like in most ways, the slums is a free-for-all for transport. The inner city mandates of only using electric vehicles and usage of kilometers instead of miles have no impact on the slums.

Powered transport Edit

Electric and hybrid vehicles are common in the slums, but fuel-burning engines remain the cheapest and most convenient option. Though electric vehicles have comparable range, they have substantially worse charging times. The solution to this is to swap out battery packs when exhausted, replacing them with a fully charged pack, but this is also quite an expensive process so there are not many places to do this in the slums.

Cars, bikes, trucks, vans and skateboards are common in powered forms. Some factory built, some patched together from parts to create unique and innovative vehicles.

Unpowered transport Edit

Few people walk very far in the slums unless they have a gang on their side. Bicycles and skateboards are a cheap and readily available faster option. Rickshaws are also not uncommon.

A strange mix of powered and unpowered - drone-drawn rickshaws are one of the many unusual innovations of the slums where fast moving drone is tethered to transport cargo or people!

Public transport Edit

There is no government-run public transport in the slums, but there are businesses that run bus or car services around the city. The smaller shadier operations offer a cheaper service, while the bigger businesses will charge more but bring the security of well-maintained and armoured vehicles.

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