The Exalted are a group that claims to work towards unity, peace and tolerance for mankind and has members worldwide and wishes to unite everyone in common values and faith. They say they want everyone to become one friendly family and all should join their cause and observe their code. They offer acceptance, community and support to those in need. They are nominally a monotheistic faith, but do not require members to be religious to take part in their community.

They have many members in positions of influence in government and charitable organisations. They try to encourage their values to be more widely accepted and, where they can, attempt to implement them as law. They strongly encourage social programs that help the unfortunate.

The Exalted are accused of corruption and illicit activities by some, in particular those who are strongly anti-religion or who oppose social programs that take from big businesses.

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Organised Crime Euromafia
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Death Cults (suspected) Truehuman Foundation The Exalted
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Megacorporations Aegis Industries
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