The Rivets street gang are aggressive, violent and competitive. They fight their way up the ranks by being the toughest and meanest members of the gang, with "friendly" fights among gang members a common occurrence as they constantly test each others' abilities. This results in weaklings being quickly weeded out of the gang, and to be accepted as a true gang member they must be blooded killing an enemy.


Once they are blooded, they get their first metal. Rivets are named after the rivets they have installed in their bodies, often shown prominently on their foreheads. The more metal a Rivet has showing on their face, the higher up the gang hierarchy they have fought.

Anyone who can hack it is welcome to join the Rivets.


The Rivets are heavily involved in protection rackets, arms dealing and theft as ways of gaining power and wealth for the gang.

Though in constant struggle against each other, and with injuries commonplace among "friendly" fights, the Rivets are fiercely protective of one another against outsiders. If you're faced with two Rivets fighting, the quickest way to turn them both against you is to pick a side.

Other gangs

Skullplate, a Rivets lieutenant, on their rivals:

Mongrels - "The Mongrels are filthy bloody cowards! They're too weak to ever take us on in a real fight! If you ever see a Mongrel standing in the open, you better check the shadows for his five mates!"

Sharp Enders - "I got some respect for these guys, there's a lot of hard squaddies in their numbers. But they need to mind their own business and stop sticking their noses in."

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