A worldwide corporation head-quartered in their homeland of Germany, with their UK office based in Birmingham. They are world leaders in biofuels and also produce extensive chemical supplements and pharmaceuticals.

Biofuel Edit

Pharmasynth are the industry leader in biofuels, a renewable source of fuel for use in combustion engines which forms the backbone of their revenue and investment. It is produced by massive genetically engineered bacteria farms. As fossil fuel availability continues to decline the demand for substitutes rises.

Products Edit

A range of chemical additives are created by Pharmasynth for a range of purposes. From crop additives and pesticides to fuel supplements and performance chemicals. They also produce automated systems for monitoring life signs and applying performance chemicals automatically.

The following represent a small sample of their performance chemicals:

  • Synapsis stimulant injection system boosts your brain chemistry to improve speed and memory.
  • Dominaero package induces tailored pheremone production that can sway susceptible minds.
  • Calmax mood stabilisers relax your body and mind to stay calm and controlled under pressure.

Controversy Edit

Pharmasynth face constant regulation and oversight for their biofuels production, restricting heavily who they are allowed to trade with to ensure that emissions from the use of their fuels are strictly controlled. There is no evidence that they deal outside of these regulations but it is widely suspected that they have black market channels to less public customers.

Their chemical testing is another area where they suffer constant scrutiny and their drug testing programs and regularly being brought into question.

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