PWT - short for Prazisionswaffentechnik.

Originally founded in it's home country of Germany this corporation started out trading it's high quality firearms and other weapons. Few competitors match the quality of their creations.


PWT widely use advanced composites and materials in their weapons, for the purpose of being light strong and reliable. PWT weapons tend to cost somewhat more than equivalent weapons from other manufacturers but the quality is undeniable.

Caseless ammunition

Caseless ammunition was fraught with problems, tried and abandoned again and again in the 20th century. PWT finally developed a viable design and were awarded large military contracts to supply Western armies with their new firearms. The new ammunition saved substantial weight and bulk, allowing soldiers to carry significantly more ammunition.


PWT have many products including military and civilian firearms and other weapons, included but not limited to the following:

Weapons PWT s
  • Mk17 select-fire submachinegun firing 8mm caseless ammunition from a 50-shot magazine
  • Mk17-S SMG with integral silencer
  • Mk24 select-fire assault rifle firing 5mm caseless ammunition from a 40-shot magazine
  • Mk25 marksman rifle firing 5mm caseless ammunition from a 30-shot magazine
  • Mk25-S marksman rifle with integral silencer
  • MK29 sniper rifle firing 7mm caseless ammunition from a 20-shot magazine
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