This wiki is about the dark, dystopian and disturbing world of Nightlancer.
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Trusted Sources Edit

For truthful information about the clean safe world of Birmingham 2099, for the good public-minded people of the city, you should direct your reading to articles here.

Trusted articles
Peace Trusted: Peace Bureau Trusted: Safety Bureau
Well-being Trusted: Health Bureau Trusted: Transhuman Dissociative Neurosis
Culture Trusted: Voluntary Groups
Society Trusted: Your City Trusted: Transport

All other articles should be considered hearsay and misinformation, only presented for completeness and of no factual accuracy whatsoever. if you find any content alarming please report to a Community Peace Officer to discuss your concerns.

Nightlancer worldEdit

This wiki is about the dark, dystopian and disturbing world of Nightlancer. The following articles are unfiltered by the authorities, not verified by anyone, and as trustworthy as you think they are.

Location The City Transport
Technology Chips Cybernetics
Society Civilisation Underworld Techshock
Government Health Bureau Peace Bureau Safety Bureau
Street gangs Mongrels Rivets Shard Enders
Organised Crime Euromafia
Shockpacks Harmony Meathooks
Underworld Nightlancer
Death Cults (suspected) Truehuman Foundation The Exalted
Corporations Assimilatex Electratech NeuVita Pharmasynth
Megacorporations Aegis Industries

Tabletop games Edit

Nightlancer board game (in development)

Fixer card game (in development)

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