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A brief introduction to the city of Newcastle, 2099.


Throughout the 21st century the inner city was constantly grown and expanded with continuous gentrification, pushing up property values and driving away poor people to the poorly-maintained fringes of the city.


The authorities push the Metro to be the main form of transport for locals by heavily restricting private vehicle use. Only legitimate citizens can use it as it's heavily secured by Peace Bureau officers.

The River Tyne[]

Damage caused by the conflicts through the 21st century have contaminated the Tyne with toxic metals from abandoned mines.

Popular activities[]

The TrueHuman Foundation is very popular amongst fundamentalists in the city, this is rumoured to be connected to fanatical anti-augmented mentality across a wide part of the population of Newcastle.

The beaches are heavily secured and protected with barriers patrolled by Peace Officers, making them a popular place for Legal Citizens with proper documentation in their Aux.  They are under 24 hour video and audio recording and a behavioural and environmental code that is enforced ruthlessly.

Location The City Transport
Across Britain Newcastle
Technology Chips Cybernetics
Society Civilisation Legal Citizens Techshock