A once-outstanding biotech and medical corporation based in the UK, NeuVita now stand as a successful but unspectacular organisation. They are one of the organisations supplying the Health Bureau with supplies and medical personnel in primary and secondary healthcare.

Cancer treatment Edit

The service most in demand by NeuVita is their cancer treatments. Boasting a 99% 10 year survival rate their revolutionary treatments have changed lives for those who can receive them. Shortly after the techniques were perfected they were mandated to be necessary for the public health and their techniques and technology made available to competitors rather than giving NeuVita unfair control. Despite this the expertise and technology required make treatment extremely limited, even citizens of the inner city zones have lengthy waiting lists before they can be seen. Slums citizens are lucky to be seen in their tragically short lifetime without resorting to black market treatment.

However as their one and only truly significant innovation in the field of medical science, NeuVita are seen to have lost their edge in the market. Despite expectations of a bright future after development of their cancer treatment, no significant advancements have come out of their labs in the years since.

Products Edit

NeuVita produce a wide range of routine medical supplies for everything from the most routine analgesics to treatments of rare diseases. They also have some specialist biotech implants and equipment for emergency treatment as shoon below.

  • The Neuvita body regenerator boosts your natural healing tenfold. Recover from cuts, bruises and even bullet wounds in just a matter of weeks.
  • The NeuVita LifeLine emergency medical kit will keep you alive, awake and pain free. Don't wait for your injuries, make your injuries wait for you!

Controversy Edit

Barred from exploiting their creations that are deemed necessary for the public for profit, NeuVita are not permitted to provide their treatments or services for exploitative rates.

Nonetheless their products find their way onto the black market, and private treatments can always be found by those with the Chips. Though certainly not officially endorsed or associated with NeuVita, exactly how complicit they are in these crimes is not clear.

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