Overview Edit

The Mongrels are an evasive, stealthy gang with strong ties to the street and homeless population. They have spotters all across their turf, either full gang members or unhoused people who support the gang. They will typically flee from any direct conflict, but their assailant will be lucky to escape gang turf alive as they will not get far before being targeted by ambushes or traps.

Recruitment Edit

A large number of homeless people, abandoned orphans and victims of crimes come to join the Mongrels for the safety of a group. But the gang will accept anyone.

There are no official gang colours, but the gang members wear what they need to for urban stealth. They can be seen in dark colours, face masks and hoods - which means they can blend in easily to any crowd. Instead they identify each other with hand signals.

Activity Edit

Though the Mongrels do run protection rackets, their strong ties to the slums unfortunates and serious efforts to protect innocents in their turf results in the people under their protection being more receptive to the mandatory payments. They are also heavily involved in the drug trade.

Other gangs Edit

Hyena, a Mongrels lieutenant, on their rivals:

Rivets - "A bunch of thugs. Let them think they're bigger and tougher than us and punch themselves out fighting shadows. When we need to, we'll move them aside."

Sharp Enders - "The clumsy vigilantism stinks of trying to be recognised rather than make a difference. Their contempt for women does nothing to improve my opinion of them."

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