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Raised by my family in isolation, life was all about becoming part of their legacy. It was a safe remote home away from the cities. We knew the world was dangerous outside, I even remember sitting outside our bunker watching bombs explode in the distant city. That made me curious. 12 explorer web.png 12 explorer web.png

I would sneak out and explore the country and the slums of the big city. My family was always angry and said I'd always come back home once I got it out of my system. Even after I set the house on fire they said I'd get over it and be a good girl, settle down, have kids.

Their hooks are still in me. Life would be SO easy if I just went back and became part of their family tree. It's so tempting, but I must remember that the fruit of that tree is poisonous. Exploration, adventure and yes even danger is my calling and I can't let anything stand in my way.

Mongoose's interview[]

Mongoose - "So here it is, time for Cerby to interview me."

Cerberus - "Right. So you don't have a typical background do you?"

Mongoose - "Yes, well, I was raised out of the city by my family."

Cerberus - "Oh yeah, like you were raised in a barn or out in the woods?"

Mongoose - ", and you know I don't mean that. No I was raised on the family estate, with all the luxuries I could ask for."

Cerberus - "So you're some rich ponce aren't you? What the hell are you doing slumming with the likes of me."

Mongoose - "Well I'm glad you can admit to being a lowly mongrel. But yes, I'm from a wealthy background."

Cerberus - "You know I'm not going to drop it until you fess up. Come on, put a number on it."

Mongoose - "It's not that big of a deal, really! Saying 'multi-millionaire' hasn't meant really big money for a very long time."

Cerberus - "Yeah I'm sure that's really easy to say when you're living like some princess in an isolated guarded compound surrounded by luxuries and private tutors. I bet you had a pony too."

Mongoose - "... see I knew you would make this difficult."

Cerberus - "Just making it real."

Mongoose - "Fine. Yes, but aren't I supposed to be telling this story not you?"

Cerberus - "So stop being evasive and tell it."

Mongoose - "Okay. Yes I had a lot, but it was all conditional. I could have whatever I wanted as long as I lived the life my family told me to."

Cerberus - "So working as a hired gun seemed like the better option?"

Mongoose - "No! I didn't mean it to work out this way. Things just happened."

Cerberus - "Are you going to start being evasive again?"

Mongoose - "Knock it off! I wanted to get away from constant supervision, so I snuck out and got to know the real world. I met a lot of people, discovered a world of options, got into trouble a few times."

Cerberus - "Bet that didn't go down well with mommy and daddy dearest."

Mongoose - "Yes. Things were said, rules and surveillance were tightened. So I got better at sneaking out. I had no interest in the life they offered, and maybe I didn't really see what life would be like without their money. So when ultimatums were laid down, I took what I could and left."

Cerberus - "Then you were out on your arse dealing with reality."

Mongoose - "I didn't really have the skills to get a normal job..."

Cerberus - "Or the patience, or the humility, or..."

Mongoose - "Shut up. So after years of learning gymnastics and archery, not to mention circumventing security, I ended up getting into wealth redistribution."

Cerberus - "I'm surprised you lasted a day. Surely the first time you broke a nail or got a bit bruised you'd have gone running back home."

Mongoose - "There were tough moments. But I never did give up easily."

Cerberus - "Sounds about right. After all I don't put up with quitters, and here we are still in touch."

Mongoose - "OH WOW I'M SO HONOURED REALLY. You arse."

Cerberus - "Hah."


  • Mongoose's background is unusual. Almost all of the Nightlancers call either the slums or inner city of Birmingham their home. Mongoose is outside of the whole system, though this does not bring her any more freedom.
  • Mongoose is based on one of the first playtesters of Nightlancer and the biggest supporter from the beginning of the project.
  • Mongoose's special bow weapon occupies a unique niche - no other weapon in the game has a Gunfight or Marksman bonus without either the Loud or Obvious restriction. Her collapsible compound bow and specialist ammunition allow it to be taken on any mission.
  • Mongoose's personal agenda is the only one in the game that requires her to lose Ideals rather than gain them! This represents her cutting the strings tying her to her background.
  • Mongoose's background has completely changed from the original version, which first placed her as a child of the streets.
  • Mongoose's age is anachronistically shown as 26 in the board game, as that is her age in 2089 at the start of her career.

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