The Meathooks are a savage band of violent killers that wreak havoc whenever they go out into the slums. There is no formal membership process amongst the Meathooks - anyone who is savage, fearless and dangerous enough can join in with them.


They are people broken by the trauma of their lives, who live moment to moment on nigh-feral instinct. People who join this Shockpack are those with little concern for survival or society, and who have ruthlessness and fighting skills to survive. Being part of the Meathooks gives someone a band or family, of sorts, that will give them safety from predation by other threats in the slums.

There is no uniform for the Meathooks, but they will always be seen armed. Many can be seen with untreated wounds. Many will install cybernetic weapons, often primitive items that are crude and ugly but still utterly deadly.


The Meathooks go through cycles of activity - disappearing for weeks or months in a mindless stream of drug use, intense partying and rampant sex as they live in the moment. During these periods they will attract members who are equally disaffected and get caught up in the moment. This goes on until the Shockpack reaches a level of frustration and anger with life, society and people that it reaches breaking point, or something happens to trigger a violent response.

When the violence begins, the Meathooks will hit the streets of the slums in a violent destructive wave until they are exhausted - even turning on each other if they run out of targets. This results in an overall reduction of their numbers, and they retreat into hibernation again.

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