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The Health Bureau are responsible for the public health and are in charge of all medical training, doctors, surgeons and hospitals in the country. Only they are legally permitted to provide medical treatment of any kind.

Inner city Health Bureau[]

Medical treatment[]

Treatment is available to all citizens in the inner city, but Health Bureau staff are universally undertrained and overworked which sometimes results in lengthy waiting times for any serious procedure. Elective surgery (such as cybernetic implants) are broadly opposed by the Health Bureau and will only ever be performed with medical board approval and political pressure.

Community Support Agents[]

Community Support Agents apply therapeutic processes and medication to citizens who cause disturbance or unrest in the inner city. They "correct" inappropriate behaviour such as people who are rude, hostile, disrespectful, skeptical of "Trusted" sources, or unhappy. Counselling sessions are nominally optional, but citizens who miss their counselling will be flagged as particularly in danger of unacceptable behaviour and "for their own good" will become under close observation by the Peace Bureau's Community Peace Officers.

Slums Health Bureau[]

Medical treatment[]

Under even more pressure than the inner city, the medical professionals in the slums are forced to prioritise "legitimate" cases of medical care for the sake of keeping their jobs. Anyone who does not have proper citizen status (with an approved address, job and record) will be lucky to be seen as there is no real way of them reporting any neglect.

As a result, back alley medicine is the best option for most slums residents. As a wildly illegal necessity, street doctors are able to work without too much scrutiny from the authorities as long as bodies don't start piling up outside.

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