The Euromafia Edit

A huge crime family branching across all of Europe, that has absorbed many crime families from across the region in the past century. They play a major part in the Birmingham underworld and involve themselves in criminal enterprises across the city. All gangs in the city have a relationship with the Euromafia, with both sides intent on keeping the peace as it's good for business - but with the Euromafia able to throw much more weight around in negotiations.

Even the inner city, with it's constant surveillance and regulation, is under the influence of the Euromafia. Many major politicians are under the thumb of the Euromafia, either from evidence of corruption held against them or just from the generous pay-offs that the family can provide.

With the protection they can buy from the authorities they support a thriving black market in the inner city, for the large part of the population that want things they are not allowed. As long as the Euromafia doesn't do anything too public, there are too many people that want what they offer or who are scared to stand in their way.

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