A corporation with headquarters in Birmingham, and a market leader in personal electrical appliances. Electratech have one of their primary R&D labs based near Birmingham which is used for putting their latest cybernetics through their paces.

Electratech develop new technical innovations, from household electronics to implanted cybernetics and experimental weaponry. They also provide electrical contracting services, primarily to large industrial clients and government bodies.

EM weapons Edit

Electratech have been the pioneering developer of EM (electromagnetic) projectile weapons and were the first producer of viable gauss (coilgun) personal weapons.

The technology is still relatively new and expensive, but offers numerous advantages over conventional chemical explosive propellant. Gauss weapons from small personal weapons to large vehicle mounted devices and are typically orientated towards low caliber rapid fire weapons suited for use against personnel up to light vehicles.

These weapons are actively being fielded by their own security troops and by some military and corporate forces.

Electratech's involvement in railgun development for battleship or tank primary weaponry is relatively limited as the technology predates the incorporation of Electratech.

Products Edit

Electratech produce a wide range of appliances for a variety of purposes. This presents a limited selection.

Cyberware Edit

  • The Electratech XN-300HS neuronal booster increases your brain function in short bursts for high pressure situations. Keep usage to recommended levels to avoid harmful neural fatigue.
  • The Electratech XN-200MW wireless implant and data miner makes you one with the internet and local networks. Manufacturer's warning: Maintain wireless security protocols at all times.
  • Implant an Electratech XN-2TM solid state disc into your skull for a massive data storage just a thought away.

Cyberweapons Edit

  • With the Electratech XM-50MB extensible combat blade sheathed inside your forearm, always be armed!
  • An Electratech XM-200HP 12mm heavy pistol built into your forearm. Hidden from view and an optional impact trigger allows you to deliver a devastating palm strike!
  • The Electratech XM-900SG submachinegun implant is built into your forearm. Reveal the weapon with a thought to have impressive firepower in a hidden package.

Personal electronics Edit

  • The Electratech X-90 impact and shock resistant portable computer, outfitted with with a neural plug as standard

Controversy Edit

Electratech has been marred by rumours that their cybernetic devices have not always had completely voluntary test subjects. This is categorically denied and there have never been any victims of this supposed crime come forward to bear witness.

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