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Abandoned and raised in an orphanage, I was bought at a young age by the Euromafia.   They just thought I was a pretty trade good that they could sell across Europe. But they couldn't beat the fight out of me, even when they left me with broken bones and internal bleeding.05 Bombshell.png 05 Bombshell.png

So they pointed me at people they wanted hurt, and I was happy to be able to hurt someone else for a change. I started out as an enforcer, innocuous-looking muscle that could attack by surprise, and after being treated as property through my life it was good to have power over someone else for a change.

With my looks, I was groomed to be a bodyguard for their lieutenants. I can stick on his arm and look pretty and harmless. But when he gets in trouble it's always me that he needs to protect him and make a messy example of anyone who crosses the Euromafia. They think I'm their obedient little thug while I've been biding my time and widening my connections. The Euromafia has a long reach, when I get out I need to get as far away as possible.

Divale's interview[]

Mongoose - "Today we have another exclusive Nightlancer interview with one of the Nightlancers. This is The Bombshell, aka Divale."

Divale - "Hi-hi! It's great to talk to you guys!"

Cerberus - "Ahuh."

Mongoose - "Welcome! So why don't you tell us about why you're a Nightlancer?"

Divale - "Oh it gives me lots of opportunities to meet people and go places."

Cerberus - "So what, you're in it for the adventure? I don't buy it."

Divale - "Ahaha, I didn't know you'd be good-looking."

Mongoose snickers obnoxiously

Cerberus - "Uh… okay. So what's your history? How did you get into it?"

Divale - "Oh you never know what will come up until you meet the right people."

Mongoose - "Is the pink hair to help hide blood spray?"

Divale - "Wow! That's such a strange question! Don't you like the hair?"

Cerberus - "It's… noticeable."

Divale - "Well I'm glad you noticed."

Mongoose - "I can't think of an question that we'll get a straight answer to."

Cerberus - "What plans do you have for the future?"

Divale - "I want to go on a long vacation, free to explore and go my own way, without any concern about anyone left behind."

Mongoose - "Wait, I think that was a real answer."

Divale - "I don't know what you mean! Of course it was real."

Cerberus - "Alright, thanks for talking to us Divale."

Divale - "It's been a delight meeting you."

Divale leaves

Mongoose - "I want to grab her and shake an answer out of her."

Cerberus - "I wouldn't recommend it. I noticed she was packing a machine pistol in the small of her back."

Mongoose - "Oh, um… how did she get that in here?"

Cerberus - "Beats me."

Mongoose - "You know, the biggest lie she told there was when she called you good-looking."

Cerberus - "So you couldn't bait her and now you're trying to bait me?"

Mongoose - "Yes! Spoilsport!"

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