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I was grown as a Hypergenic experiment by the Exagenesis corporation. I look human but I'm not entirely so - I have genes from ambush predators and birds of   prey that allow me to see inhumanly far and remain unnaturally still. The company made my adoptive parents guide me into activities that used my skills. It all seemed to come so... naturally.03 Sniper 3 web.png 03 Sniper 3 web.png

After an AlphaShield shooting course, the company rep approached me and thought I had potential. After promises of a career with benefits of opportunities I tried out with their training for "asset protection" operations. It just felt right and I could soon out-shoot experienced soldiers at the target range.

I only found out that I'm property when my parents died. That was when Exagenesis - the parent company of AlphaShield - told me the terms. I need to pay for the privilege of life or submit myself to years of invasive testing. There's no way I'm being their guinea pig, but I'll never pay the debt as a soldier.

Dead Zer0's interview[]

Mongoose - "We have a special guest today. You'll know her best as 'The Sniper', she goes by Dead Zer0."

Dead Zer0 nods

Cerberus - "Hey."

Mongoose - "So you're one of the Nightlancers and you specialise in sniping."

Dead Zer0 - "You worked that out all by yourself."

Mongoose - "...right. So where else do your skills lie?"

Dead Zer0 - "Spotting, scouting, stealth."

Mongoose - "How good a shot are you?"

Dead Zer0 - "One shot, one kill."

Mongoose - "Ok... so I hear you're also hypergenic? What can you tell us about that."

Dead Zer0 - "Not a lot if you want to live."

Mongoose - "Ahaha... ok. So I know that means you were genetically engineered and are in some ways posthuman?"

Dead Zer0 - "Right."

Mongoose - "Um. Well thanks for coming and talking with us."

Dead Zer0 - "We're done? If I don't get paid, you won't hear about it."

Mongoose - "Huh?"

Dead Zer0 - "Because you'll die before you hear the shot."

Mongoose - "Okay! Great, bye!"

Dead Zer0 departs silently

Mongoose - "That was like pulling teeth. And you didn't help at all!"

Cerberus - "It was more fun watching you squirm."

Mongoose - "I hate you."


  • The only Hypergenic character in the core Nightlancer game.
  • Dead Zer0 was originally an ex-military character, but evolved during development to be a Hypergenic with a corporate background instead.

Featured in[]

  • Nightlancer core game
  • Nightlancer limited edition
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