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Civilisation has it's own hold in the slums. On the surface, the rules must be followed. As long as any misdeeds are kept under wraps with the right people bribed or blackmailed, no-one tries to dig deeper.


Companies operating in Birmingham, either based locally or national businesses with a local branch. Many trade on the international stage, but are not large enough to be considered megacorporations.

Some are honest businesses just trying to give people what they want, some are exploitative taking advantage of vulnerable people and a corrupt government to do horrendous things on their own power grab towards becoming a megacorporation.


Megacorporations - huge international organisations - have massive influence across the world. With offices in many countries, megacorporations have to interact with local governments around the world. Some will bring their substantial wealth and position to bear on these corrupt governments to control them, manipulating regulations and controls in their favour. Some step back from politics, instead focusing on just playing the local rules and regulations like a game to optimise profits.

Death cults[]

Death cults hide behind a friendly, encouraging veneer of peace, tolerance or standing up for the unfortunate to get public acceptance and hide their darker nature. Unlike gangs and shockpacks, these factions can equally be found in the inner city of Birmingham where they can operate covertly.

They bring members in with promises of a higher purpose and unity and connection, using the vulnerability of disaffected and isolated individuals desperate for connection or community. Once they've been introduced and the seeds of dependency are set, they trap them in a web of vague confusing believes that put the threat of isolation or damnation in the event that they ever try to leave.

Death cults will claim any violence or harm done by their members as either self-defence or the acts of unrelated extremists who do not represent them. Their covert nature makes it incredibly difficult to verify if any faction is really a death cult or not, so there is no concise list of death cults - only a list of organisations that have been accused of being death cults.

Location The City Transport
Across Britain Newcastle
Technology Chips Cybernetics
Society Civilisation Legal Citizens Techshock
Government Health Bureau Peace Bureau Safety Bureau
Street gangs Bànrighinn Mongrels Rivets Shard Enders
Organised Crime Euromafia
Shockpacks Harmony Meathooks
Underworld Nightlancer
Death Cults (suspected) Truehuman Foundation The Exalted
Corporations Assimilatex Electratech NeuVita Pharmasynth
Megacorporations Aegis Industries