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Overview[edit | edit source]

The Bànrighinn are a fiercely territorial gang. Though they prefer to keep the peace and stay focused on their own territory, they are known to launch brutal high-speed attacks on those who violate their territory or harm their people.

The gang culture has grown from inspirations amongst the ancient Picts and Celts, and have a code of honour, hospitality and justice that is said to be inspired by the ancient cultures. Though the gang welcomes all comers who accept their code and is not strictly matrilineal, over 90% of the leadership positions of the gang are held by female-identifying people.

Recruitment[edit | edit source]

Bànrighinn will welcome any comers who agree with their values. In particular the gang are popular amongst Scots and Irish residents. Gang members are not required to be fighters if they can contribute in other ways, but they offer training to anyone who wants to fight. Melee combat is a popular training and fitness regime amongst the gang.

They mark themselves with glowing blue implanted tattoos. Some opt to keep these hidden beneath clothing so they can work safely outside of their territory, while the more fierce gang members will openly wear the markings on their faces and hands.

Activity[edit | edit source]

The Bànrighinn protect people in their territory, and people in their territory are required to pay for this. The protection they offer is good and they generally keep their word. They also get involved in escorting goods and convoys with their substantial proportion of bikers. They are also known to organise street races, both for motorbikes and cars.

The gang normally only expands their territory when someone approaches them asking for protection, or when another group picks a fight with them and loses. Bànrighinn are fiercely protective of each other and of their wards.

Other gangs[edit | edit source]

Aoibheall, a Bànrighinn lieutenant, on their rivals:

Mongrels - "If you want people to believe you're trying to help them, you shouldn't hide in the shadows."

Rivets - "Violent thugs and bullies. The only good thing I can say about them is they don't pretend to have a higher purpose."

Sharp Enders - "Toxic masculinity at its most disgusting. A bunch of murderous soldier-boys with guns."

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