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I was a hacker from a young age, playing with computer hardware and software, searching out new and better ways of making technology do what I wanted. Electronic warfare and computer cracking came as second nature, the first money I ever got was hacking a cryptocurrency account when I was a child. 02 Cybercracker 1 web.png 02 Cybercracker 1 web.png

When I got the neural implant it meant I could plug directly into my computer. No longer held back by the slow barrier of my body, I could crack computer security at the speed of thought. If a system wasn't vulnerable through the internet I'd find it physically to plug in so social engineering came with the territory.

I could get by stealing valuable data to sell on. But the tightening chokehold the state places on freedom of speech and information is a constant reminder of the depraved society around me. I wont let anyone forget the name Autospook, I'm going to leave my mark to show people they CAN buck the system before I get out.

Autospook's interview[]

Cerberus - "We have our next exclusive Nightlancer interview today with the Cyber Cracker. Aka Autospook."

Autospook - "Hey."

Mongoose - "Welcome! So what is it that brings you into the Nightlancer life?"

Autospook - "Money and notoriety. By the time I'm done with society, I'm going to be rich and everyone will know the name Autospook."

Cerberus - "So that's all you're in it for?"

Autospook - "Sure, why not? I'm not a fan of society, I'll take what I can get before it comes crumbling down."

Mongoose - "So what's your problem with society?"

Autospook - "Are you that blind? You know how much control and regulation there is on just information? You can't go anywhere or do anything in the central city without someone recording everything you do. Cryptocurrency like the ChipBucks are illegal, but if you use legal currency every transaction is recorded."

Cerberus - "Hmph. Yeah, that's been a problem for me a couple of times."

Mongoose - "I never actually did use legal currency, I've never gone into the inner city for any length of time."

Autospook - "Probably a smart move. So you know the slum life huh? The life the government keeps out of the media, so they can keep everything placid and under control in the eyes of the population."

Mongoose - "Can't say I've seen what people in the inner city get to see, but yeah I've heard it's all filtered."

Autospook - "Filtered doesn't even come close. Total control, and if you try to usurp control? The law will be beating down your door for disturbing the peace. You can't even speak freely in public without risking someone reporting it if it's not in line with the status quo. Even if the heat goes away, that sort of thing can trash your public image overnight."

Cerberus - "How long has it been that bad? I don't remember it being like that when I was in civilian life."

Autospook - "It's been around longer than you have, you were just blind to it all. You couldn't see what was happening because it was all you knew. I bet if you tried to go back to that life now you'd see it."

Mongoose - "Okay, okay, so those are your issues with society?"

Autospook - "Some of them."

Mongoose - "Okay. So you say to hell with society, you'll take what you can get and get out?"

Autospook - "That's all there is to it. And if I make a rep for myself in the process, all the better. Gaming the system is one thing, but I'm upping the stakes by rubbing it in their faces."

Cerberus - "Seems like that's just stroking your ego, what's the point?"

Autospook - "It's for the challenge, and because I don't think they can beat me even if I do play it like that. I don't expect you to get it."

Mongoose - "Ok thanks for coming to talk to us Autospook. Always interesting to hear another unique outlook on this life."

Autospook - "No sweat. Later."

Cerberus - "That guy's ego is going to get the better of him. Risks like that aren't worth it."

Mongoose - "Man you are so safety-conscious. How do you ever get anything done?"

Cerberus - "By doing it right."


  • The 2nd character ever illustrated for the Nightlancer board game.
  • One of the two characters depicted in scenes on the game box cover.

Featured in[]

  • Nightlancer core game
  • Nightlancer limited edition
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