Assimilatex is a UK company that formed during the rise of neural implants and is defined by advancing cybernetic technology and embracing the transcendance of biology.


Assimilatex faces a lot of controversy, in particular from the Truehuman Foundation, for the company stance on cybernetics. Assimilatex brazenly advocates replacing biology with "superior cybernetics" whenever possible, and the company slogan is "Better than human".

Most contentious are claims that the company does not permit employees to rise to higher positions in the company if they are not extensively enhanced with cybernetics - there is no proof of this, but no higher positions are occupied by the unenhanced. Some accusations go as far to say that employees are physically forced to receive implants.



Assimilatex produces high quality cybernetic limbs, body plating and other body-improvement implants. The following are a sample of the implants

  • Assimilatex body plating implanted beneath your skin will protect your soft biological parts from danger.
  • An Assimilatex combat arm will improve your potential! Armour plated and built for strength and speed, you can do away with the need for slow physical training.
  • The Assimilatex integrated toolkit upgrades your stock hands with a UV flash, lockpicks, rotary tool and more! Why settle for fingers that just hold things?
  • Implant the Assimilatex nerve rebuild to eliminate the inaccuracy of a biological nervous system. Make your body as efficient and precise as you can will it to be.
  • Use the Assimilatex neural stabiliser to control your emotional responses. Free yourself from the distraction of feelings to pursue your goals endlessly.
  • The Assimilatex voice stress analyser personal app will help you understand the humans when they are being emotional. Who needs empathy?
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