Aegis Industries is a powerful worldwide corporation bringing security to any who can afford it. From weapons and performance-boosting drugs to surveillance and other electronic devices Aegis Industries are world-renowned masters of security.


Aegis produce a wide diverse range of products and services, the following is just a small sample of a diverse range of the creations of Aegis.

D12 plastic explosive available either as plain blocks of plastique or as ready-made devices including a timer, remote detonator and motion sensors to allow the user's choice in detonation.

Aegis Industries plated vest providing dependable protection against small arms up to 10mm caseless and 5mm caseless long.

Striker Max stimulants boost energy and aggression, sweeping fear away in a chemical surge. Shockpacks use them for fun.

Street gangs Mongrels Rivets Shard Enders
Organised Crime Euromafia
Shockpacks Harmony Meathooks
Death Cults (suspected) Truehuman Foundation The Exalted
Corporations Assimilatex Electratech NeuVita Pharmasynth
Megacorporations Aegis Industries
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